Oh Boy…

Haven’t posted anything in forever, and I am going to be working on reformatting this whole thing, but I have to say my peace and then move on forever.

Joe Paterno got exactly what he deserved. I don’t care if he built Penn State University from scratch with nothing but his own two hands and guaranteed free tuition for the rest of all time for every human being and cow in Pennsylvania. When you are presented with irrefutable evidence of a series of heinous crimes committed by a subordinate of yours, who you were personally responsible for hiring in the first place, you turn that person into the police. Its simple. You don’t HAVE to “go to your superior” which seems to be the popular excuse for JoePA’s actions, which sounds a lot like what the Nazis said in the Nuremberg Trials, “We were just following orders.”

You especially don’t have to do that when you are JOE PATERNO, arguably the most famous football coach ever. Who really had more to lose if they were ever implicated in covering up a long string of child abuses, the athletic director, who is probably barely known by name to half of the alumni and current students, and virtually no one outside of Penn State, or the winningest football coach in NCAA Division 1 history, known, at least by name, by nearly every person in the country? I go to the University of Pittsburgh, and I’m pretty sure Steve Pederson is the current Athletic Director, but I could be totally wrong. I tried to think back to the last time an AD got any publicity that wasn’t bad, and I couldn’t do it. Even the AD at Florida, when they won both the football and basketball championships in the same year, didn’t get any significant good publicity. Clearly its not the AD who has much to worry about, he already has a thankless job. So, where does that leave us? Right, Joe Paterno had to step up and deal with the situation himself. He had to be willing to say, “This program is bigger than you Sandusky, I’m calling the cops and you’re going to jail because you are a fucking creep!” But, alas, he didn’t, and now just like all of the other guilty parties in this story, he’s gotten what he’s deserved.

I’m in a unique position, I’ve met Jerry Sandusky before. In fact, I attended his football camps for three years in a row between 5th and 7th grade. This was after he left PSU, therefore this is after at least most of his abuses occurred. To me, he was nothing more than a weird old dude, and I swear on everything that is holy that I never encountered nor saw anything that looked even the least bit suspicious in my time in those camps. But that doesn’t mean much, just because a guy doesn’t walk around stating that he likes to rape little boys that he is no longer dangerous. I’ve come under scrutiny from my parents and expanded family who remember my time spent there, and let me tell you, its not fun telling your mother on a daily basis “No, I promise Mom, I wasn’t touched by him.”

So my final parting piece for JoePa loyalists is thus, the only people who have done the right thing are the Board of Trustees, it doesn’t matter how good of a coach Paterno has been, it doesn’t matter how much money he donates to charity, it doesn’t matter that he is unquestionably a great human himself. What matters is that he did absolutely nothing of consequence to prevent the abuse of (up to) 20 young children. If you don’t see anything wrong with that, then you won’t see anything wrong with anything.

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