New Again (Again?)

Hello. This is not my first blog post, and I highly doubt that if you’ve decided to read this post, that you’ve never read one of my blog posts before. Nonetheless, if you don’t know me, my name is Andrew Roman. I hail from Pittsburgh and I like to write. I have decided to reformat this blog, and now its going to be dedicated entirely to my favorite cause, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

I’m not going to write every single day about every minor piece of news, and it’s even doubtful that I’ll get to recap every game – but then again, you don’t need me to do that, there are any number of excellent blogs dedicated to that cause already, or at the very least just go here: You don’t need me to tell you that a) they seriously know their shit, b) they update almost instantaneously with every piece of breaking of news, c) they’re funny as all. What I really want to do here, is just have a space to lay out my overarching impressions on my favorite team in professional sports. I want to create a working dialog through this blog, so please, feel free to comment all you want, that’ll make it a lot more interesting for both you and me.

The Pens will be in action tomorrow night at 7:00 PM against the Ottawa Senators, we’ll start talking some real hockey after that.


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