Gameday #82 – vs. Flyers

Home game.

Brian Strait and Steve McIntyre in the lineup.

No Calude Giroux or James Neal (2nd straight for Neal.)

Lots of buildup – Bylsma doesn’t care. Laviollette thinks that players should be responsible for their actions. Go figure.

Neither team with much to play for – Malkin can hit 50 goals for the first time in his career.

First Period

Pens buzzing off the draw. Philly responds. Nothing unexpected.

Vitale and Shelley fight. Vitale fighting with fury. Don’t think Jodi Shelley knew what he was getting himself into.

Letang and Malkin with good chances. Harnell a good chance. Trading for a while.

Asham hustles for a puck, diving pass, Dupuis laser five-hole. 17 games, easy. Look to not give up an immediate response goal.

17 Game Streak - no worries.

Strait takes a stupid penalty. Staal almost has a break away. NBC likes the Pens penalty kill (Chance to set a franchise percentage record…just saying) KILLED. Good kill because it nixed any momentum the Flyers had built.

Voracek takes a really dumb Goaltender Interference penalty. Staal, Malkin, Crosby top PP line. Wow. Killed.

Ronaldo game misconduct. 5 minute major. Good looks to start the PP. Lagged a little through the middle of it. Picking up through the last third. 2-on-1, Letang broke it up. Killed.

Double J put a stick between his own legs and fell down. Clearly a tripping call on Orpik. Lots of passing for the Flyers, not too many quality chances on net. Schenn ties it at one immediately after the penalty expires. Really good shot.

TK playing well. Good opportunities in this period for him, working hard.

Period over.

Second Period

Mike Milbury is running his mouth again during the first intermission. Joke.

Good exchanges to start the period. Pens with good pressure. You can feel that Philly has something brewing.

Strait a mental mistake in handling. Still needs experience.

Staal looks hungry on the puck. Seems like he keeps getting better with the “power forward” moves.

Weird feel to the game – like at any moment the game could explode.

Staal with a great chance on the doorstep. Shot it into Bobrovsky.

Kunitz throws one at the net and it trickles in. 2-1 Pens.

Crosby needs to start throwing pucks at the net. Never thought i would be saying that, but he’s passed up two opportunities to shoot that would generate good chances. The second of the two, an opportunity on Carle, he had a good look. Went for the pass instead. I’d like to see him throw one or two at the net, especially on a rush like that.

Orpik goes off for hooking. Brent Johnson takes Fleury’s place in the cage. Hmm. Fleury gets the win if they win, tying Barasso’s record. Johnson flopped, Jagr scored. 2-2.

Letang takes a stupid interference penalty. NBC doesn’t know that Fleury isn’t playing. Professional. Killed.

Jagr takes a penalty for hooking. #gotheem. Crosby capitalizes on a scrum out front. Chipped it in. Maybe Bryzgalov could have transcended the bad rebound. 3-2 Pens.

Still trading chances. Not quite back and forth, but extended possessions.

Vitale all alone, couldn’t finish. Rolled off the toe of stick. Unlucky. Kennedy with the pass. Good for him.


50. Click for GIF

Malkin scores his 50th goal of the season.

Period over.

Third Period

Back to back icings by the Pens to start the period.

4th line looks good – McIntyre doing his James Neal impression, missed the net. Vitale with a strong shot from the point.

Jodi Shelley gets a 10 minute misconduct. Matching major to someone wearing a black sweater. No sure who.

Zolnierczyk with trip on Vitale. Malkin almost put one in 10 seconds in. Malkin gets a penalty for cross checking after taking a stick to the face: 4-on-4. Pens kill the 45-second penalty.

Great sequence immediately following the kill. 3 in a row on the Kennedy, Staal, Dupuis line.

Strait another mental mistake. Solid dude, but needs to settle down.

Orpik gets a shot deflected, almost goes in. Cool.

NBC loves to point out when Shelley and McIntrye are on the ice together. Grow up.

Seems like no one cares about this game right now, except Steve McIntyre who took a dumb interference penalty. Killed.

Kennedy with a 1-on-1, good shot. Nothing else.

Game over.


Malkin and Crosby both with a goal and an assist.

You’d like to see Strait a little more settled going into the playoffs, but no real damage today.

Today was a very optional day – Pens finally beat Philadelphia in CONSOL. Good for them.

Next Wednesday will be very chippy.


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