ohhhh myyyy….

this link says it all: Did Crosby Incept Zach Parise?

Read that over.

u mad bro?

now just take a second to consider what kind of magic Shero is pulling together.

  1. Left things (from what we can tell…) amiable with Jordan Staal. Could have been super gross. Like a breakup, but your newly separated ex-girlfriend is 6′ 4″, 220 lbs., has a stick, and isn’t afraid to use it.
  2. Pulled in a pretty good replacement (*Note: I don’t know that Brandon Sutter is going to ever replace the type of character that Staal was, or might have the immediate results we as Pens fans are used to that came along with our 3rd line center…) for Staal, a decent prospect in Doumolin, and a 8th overall pick…
  3. Which they used to pick up another puck moving defenseman in Derrick Pouliot. He seems like he could be another good addition to the blue line, as long as his defense is as good as his offensive touch. check the reel: 
  4. Moving big Z and clearing up some cap space. Everyone knows that this trade was in hopes of clearing room for Sid’s long term extension…
  5. And Parise. According to that article from Pensblog, Parise and Sid are friends. Cool. They want to play together. Cooler.

Hey Atlantic Division,



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