Link Drop: T-Minus 1 Week

Well I say minus one week, but that’s approximate. Will Free Agency still start on July 1 at noon even though it’s a Sunday? I’m actually not certain. Anyway, this is just going to be a little bit of shinfo that has been collected over the last 20-ish hours regarding the Penguins in the final week before free agency.

  • Another sick piece from Dejan on Donald Fehr, Gary Bettman and the possibility of an NHL work stoppage. I’ve heard that the first discussions between the NHLPA and the owners is set to take place just before July 1. As Dejan stated, Fehr is most famous for ruining the competitiveness of MLB. I really hope things don’t come to that in the NHL. I don’t really think that it will. The players have to know that they’ll never get more than they’re getting now, for reference the NFLPA’s most recent agreement was only 48% of average team revenues while currently the NHL is at 57%, further, the owner’s really shouldn’t have anything to complain about, the league has experienced enormous gains in revenue despite the recent recession and both the American and Canadian dollar have been getting stronger. I am curious as to what rules changes we will see and I hope that the two sides don’t forget to talk about those. For more on what we think the league should do, check out Mike’s awesome A Modest Proposal series: parts 1, 2, and 3.
  • A lot of good stuff coming from the Pensblog, however, this piece is especially worth it. In consecutive days they’re going to argue for either Parise or Suter, today they chose Suter. A lot of it makes so much sense and sort of reiterates what I said yesterday about him. They came up with different contract numbers and different potential pairings, but their rationale is spot on.
  • It’s not so much an article as it is a single tweet, and it is from Rob Rossi, but Rossi had details on the Michalek trade like an hour before anyone else, so I kind of believe him here too. He’s says that the Penguins have potential suitors for Paul Martin, but they aren’t entirely sure what to do with him now. It’s further collaborated by Dave Molinari right now.
  • Been starting to hear a lot about the Penguins potentially seeking a trade with Anaheim for Bobby Ryan, who is reported to be unhappy on a crappy team in a poor hockey market. I normally don’t like the Bleacher Report for its sensationalist stories and it’s occasionally illegible writing, but this seems to be fairly well reasoned. I’ll say this, Ryan is just as good of a scorer as Parise, is younger than Parise, is less injury prone, and constitutes a truly “big” winger. But I also feel like bringing in Parise, even if it costs more, will bring in more intangibles than you can get from Ryan. Also, I don’t want to bring in a scoring winger who costs more than James Neal but has never put up as many points as Neal did last year. Although taking him away from the Flyers would be well worth it.
  • Two superb back to back interviews on Empty Netters, one the transcript of Brandon Sutter’s first conference call with Pittsburgh reporters, the second an interview with Jason Botterill, assistant GM of the Pens. You’ll learn something if you read these.

Finally some good news for us. Later this evening Mike and I will be meeting to discuss the future of this blog which could include a serious revamping and restyling. We’ll keep you posted as we move forward.

A little music because I don’t have anything funny to put up:


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