boredom leads to links

Some links you all might find amusing, annotated with some color commentary.

  • Washingtonian readers vote Alex Ovechkin ‘worst local athlete‘ – I’m all for good sports writing. However, down in Washington there are a few people who just want to get shocks apparently. While I am thankful everyday that the Pens ended up “losing” the Ovechkin lottery, I still do think that AO is one heck of a hockey player. Worst athlete in Washington? Don’t they have the Wizards? Or the Redskins? There has to be at least 1 person employed by one of those teams who is a total scrub. Either way, I smiled when I read that.
  • Recent Hall Of Fame Inductee Adam Oates is the New Coach of the Capitals – Oates was an assistant coach in both New Jersey and Tampa Bay. The Bolts experienced some success under his direction on the power play (4th in the league). Under DeBoer, Oates saw a Stanley Cup Final in Jersey. This is his first gig. It will be interesting to see how Oates approaches this new team, considering the apparent disgruntlement with Ovie, Semin trade talks, and the loss of defenseman Dennis Wideman. As the article states and his HoF induction indicates, Oates is a heck of a hockey guy. That doesn’t necessarily translate to success.
  • Coach trips kids, breaks player’s wrist, facing charges – so apparently some jerk coach was a much poorer sport than his players. read the article, but in summary this guy stuck his foot out during the handshake at the end of the game and tripped two players. One of those players broke his wrist. Did I mention this is from the Vancouver area? Perhaps Vancouver (and I can’t believe i’m saying this…) is taking their hockey too seriously. When coaches start physically hurting other players because they lose…oh wait. This clown’s team won 5-4 according to that article. Look at the video below. He even points at the kids to mock them. heavens, this is bad. 
  • Parise and Suter “Guilt Trip” – because what we need in the league is more arrogant Red Wings fans. for the sake of literally everyone else, don’t.

free agency can’t come soon enough.



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