Evgeni Malkin and the Curious Contract.

On June 28th, 2012 Sidney Crosby signed a lengthy contract extension to the tune of $104.4 million over 12 years (8.7 million per year). This puts crosby a healthy chunk of chance (by professional sports’ standards) under the cap. It was a move, presumably, to keep Crosby paid according to his high-end talent, to keep the fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Sid the Kid happy, and to open up some room to pursue Zach Parise/Ryan Suter in this summer’s free agent frenzy.

But in the wake of all of these positives and the Jordan Staal move to Carolina, people started asking what would happen to the remaining member of the Pittsburgh “Three-headed monster”: Evgeni Malkin. Malkin was coming off a huge season, which boasted a 109-points, Art Ross Trophy, and Hart Memorial Trophy. Its safe to say that Malkin was a beast during this season.

But Malkin’s contract has him signed through the end of this season. Some have been speculating that he will test the market, and leave behind the city he’s already given 8 seasons of his career to, a city where he plays second fiddle to Crosby, the “world’s best player.”

finding a home.

Puck Daddy reported on Wednesday a interview of Malkin by SovSports’ Pavel Lysenkov (here). There is a lot of talk of different things concerning the lockout and Ovechkin, but the most intriguing thing to me that Malkin had to say was on the subject of Magnitogorsk owning his rights. Here’s what Malkin said in response to the question: “Metallurg vice president Gennadi Velichkin said that his club owns your rights.”

There are no rights. But that’s my city. Why leave?  I don’t want to create a negative atmosphere around myself. It’s important for me what fans think and say about me. Everything that’s dear to me is in Magnitogorsk — family, friends…  I hope that I will play at home and the lockout will be over by the New Year’s.

Two things: number one, Malkin seems to think there probably will be a lockout and it will hopefully be over by New Year’s. Yikes.

Number two, “It’s important for me what fans think and say about me.” I would hope that this is an indicator that Evgeni Malkin would value staying and contributing in Pittsburgh for as long as he can. I’m sure that if he is willing to say this publicly, that he’s is being very candid about it and it’s not just a farce. I would hope that this means he likes the city of Pittsburgh and wants to stay here. I hope.


3 Comments on “Evgeni Malkin and the Curious Contract.”

  1. Joe says:

    Malkin’s contract is through 2013-14 according to capgeek…this isn’t the first time ive read this, i don’t know where its coming from that he is up after this year.

    • IAmMike says:

      could be adjusted because of the lockout. I doubt it, but it could be. and in either case, this was something to write about other than the lockout – something positive. my apologies.

      • reggieshouse says:

        Yeah, I think it speaks to the nerves that a lot of people feel regarding the current CBA situation. For what it’s worth Alex Radulov has twice reneged on his NHL contract. Thank you for checking us out.

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