so the lockout is looming, and I’m currently filling my days with hockey substitutes consisting of a NHL 12 Be A Pro (Artem Datsyuk, playing for the Baei Comeau Drakkar out of Quebec, mind you) and watching old highlights. here are some of them videos. (*note* i think this post is more of me mourning the NHL season than it is for us to realize that there have been some sick goals scored which are now on youtube.)

evgeni malkin on henrik lundquist – backhand. boom

after this, i remember malkin saying somewhere that his backhand wasn’t even that good. very russian response, but it brings to mind this goal:

hat trick = easy. this next video was on the related list. malkin’s one timer is fierce.

next video inspired this post. top ten goals in pens history. don’t know that I agree, but they’re still sick. notes: #10 – Osgood’s helmet is stupid. #9 – Observation: Lemieux can skate through infinite hooks. #8 – Crosby can skate through infinite checks as well. #7 – Kovalev doesn’t take the easy way out and hit opposite corner top shelf. He says, “In Russia we aim to embarrass, not win.”  #7b – Jagr has the patience of this dog. #6 – Most people skate away from Ray Bourque. Try again. #5 – I hope I see Jagr do this in a Stars Jersey. #4 – See above. #4b – Marty Straka sighting at 5:00. Niiiccceee. #3 – Silly. #2 – Stanley Cups are made of these. (See what I did there?) #1 – Three dekes. Silly.


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