Lockout Thoughts: Judgment Day

Every post we’ve done in the last month has dealt with the negotiations between the Owners and the Players. Today could be the last time they meet before the lockout becomes a reality. The word “lockout” has a really dirty connotation to fans of the NHL, and with good reason, but as we said recently, even if the Players get locked out on Saturday, that may not be the end of the world.

Everywhere on the Internets, Players have been reiterating their desire to work after the September 15 deadline. This wasn’t the case in 2004-05 when the PA and the Owners didn’t talk to one another until months after the lockout began.

Over 300 players are expected to show up and talk with the Owners today. That’s almost half of the league. The fear, as far as I can see, is that with so many players coming together, it’s not to say “Hey we’re all happy to take a 12% pay cut!” More than likely it’s an effort to show the “force” behind the PA at the expense of the Owners. That’s not good.

If that really is the Players’ intention, I’m going to be heartbroken, I don’t want to see a mass demonstration from the Players, I want to see them working with the Owners to come to a resolution that works for both sides and guarantees that I’m watching the Penguins demolish the Islanders in exactly one month’s time. We’ll have more after the Players and Owners get together today (should be at 11:30.

(Also, huge stick tap to thePensblog for the love in their most recent Link City post. If you don’t read them, you’re crazy.)


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