Lockout Thoughts: Don’t Think too Much

Honestly don’t really have anything to say about the NHL and its lockout situation right now. Bill Daly said that he and Steve Fehr will be talking this evening about when the two sides can get together to, well, talk. It may be hollow words and it’s undoubtedly true that the lockout has already begun, but still, compared to 2004 when the two sides couldn’t even look at each other for months after the lockout began, this is a step in the right direction—at least both sides seem willing to talk to one another.

In a bizarre twist, ESPN seems to be the only media source that I’ve checked so far that actually has a continually updating list of NHLers signing with European teams. It seems shocking that there aren’t hundreds of players who have fled overseas yet, but I also don’t doubt that most players are waiting for a variety of offers to come in, and we all know that’s something that cannot be rushed. EDIT:
TSN has one now too, but neither is updated to the bleeding edge and ESPN’s looks better if I’m honest.

There are some unusual lockout solutions coming out of the woodworks:

Now for everyone who wants to say, “What the hell are the players doing, fleeing overseas, playing pick-up games, why aren’t they working on playing real games in the NHL?” Well, frankly it’s out of their hands now. Now that we’re into the lockout it all comes down to Bettman-Daly and Fehr-Fehr, the individual Players aren’t allowed anywhere near the Owners and vice-versa, now it’s time for the representatives to take care of business, it’s as simple as that.

My one piece of actual analysis for the day is this: Sidney Crosby is either going to sign with Magnitogorsk or he’s not signing anywhere. So far, none of Sid’s friends have signed overseas, except for Geno, and I think Sid would relish the opportunity to be Geno’s foil in terms of popularity and role on the team. But there’s a good chance that Sid will elect to stay home and close to the negotiations, I did just say that he can’t get too close, however, his speech from last week is endemic of how involved he wants to be to negotiations and if he felt that his voice could get things done, I don’t expect that he would rather do that than make some more money that he doesn’t need.

But then again, we’ll probably here that he’s signing with the Belfast Giants tomorrow morning and everything I just said was shit.

Go lockout.


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