Gameday #1: Philadelphia Flyers


PITTSBURGH PENGUINS at Philadelphia Flyers

Game Time: 3:00PM, NBC

It’s here. You may not want to care, but guess what, it gets under your skin. You start to think about last year’s playoff series. You start to feel the hate. You start to see Claude Giroux and Scott Hartnell, gloating. You see the Jagr betrayal. You see Briere offsides, and thats when you start to feel it. This isn’t just a game. This is a passion, this is a way of life, and if you don’t see it that way then face it, you aren’t a fan.

You can be bitter about the lockout. In some ways WE are, but that just proves that you are a fan. You’re such a fan that you believe that the private business negotiations of a private business and their employees somehow has something to do with you. It would be like Chipotle suddenly closing and you viewing it as a personal affront to your being.

But its over now, and in fact, it picks up right where we left off last year. If you needed any motivation to get up for this game, look no further.

48 games, 99 days. It all starts today. The NHL has literally recreated the playoff environment three months ahead of schedule. There isn’t going to be any opportunity for a midseason slump. Every game is war and every war is the battle of all against all. There’s no more time to psych yourself up. It starts today and you have to prepare yourself everyday from now until late June. There will be high points, there will be low points, but you can’t get too cocky or too depressed. This is the NHL, and if you’re here reading this, you need to be ready for it.

Both teams have changed, gone from the Penguins are Steve Sullivan, Zbynek Michalek, Arron Asham, and Jordan Staal. In their place are Eric Tangradi, Simon Despres, Tanner Glass, and Brandon Sutter. The Flyers are different too, out is Jaromir Jagr, James van Riemsdyk, Matt Carle, and Sergei Bobrovsky, in their place is a bunch of defensemen. And let’s be real, that is a point blank challenge to the Penguins, they believe that Claude Giroux and company are good enough to score all the points they need, and they believe this because of what they did to the Penguins in the playoffs last year.

All rights reserved,

All rights reserved,

Remember how he got himself suspended for their elimination game in the semifinals last year? What a joke…

It’s time to prove them wrong. If you don’t think so, you’re just not ready.

Go Pens.


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