Gameday #9: @ Washington Capitals



PITTSBURGH PENGUINS @ Washington Capitals

Verizon Center, 12:30 PM, NBC

Pens enter the game on a modest 2 game winning streak. Washington enters the game with a 2-5-1 mark, although they did win their most recent contest. The Pens can’t overlook the Caps, this is a perfect opportunity to get 2 points against a struggling opponent. They just need to find a way.

Actually a good bit of journalism from about how Geno has almost come to be the most important Penguin in the Pens/Caps rivalry. At the very least he’s the most important Russian given that Ovechkin sucks so bad.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Ovechkin sucks: he’s got 3 points in 8 games. Holy cow.

Reports suggest that literally the only lineup change for the Pens today is Vokoun in net. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me, Vokoun gets the opportunity to play against the team that dumped him for a bag of pucks, and there is no reason for our goalies to go back to back.

Because it’s relevant, John Erskine of the Caps was suspended 3 games for his blatant elbow against Wayne Simmonds. If you haven’t seen the hit, it is pretty bad. This is perhaps the first time we’ve ever seen a truly appropriate punishment for the crime. Erskine doesn’t have a history, but he did concuss Simmonds, as such he has to sit enough games to be worthwhile but the PA isn’t likely to protest, at least not too loudly.

The Pens and Caps have a storied rivalry, no one can deny that. Just imagine if the proposed realignment goes through and the Caps come to be part of the same division as the Pens. There would descend a dark cloud of hate, famine, and bloodshed from New York City clear out to Pittsburgh and down through Washington. If people want to know how the world will end, look no further.

You know the Verizon Center is going to be all jammed up. You know the Capitals, if they stand for anything, are going to come out on fire.

Just bury them now. Go Pens.


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