Matt Cooke and the Incorrigible Bryan Murray

First off did you see this? Wow, that’s unreal. These aren’t queers on skates.



Matt Cooke did not intentionally try to cut Erik Karlsson late in the second period in yesterday’s game. He just didn’t. The NHL has already established that they DID NOT find anything malicious in the play and it seems that most fans, except for those up in Boston and select super-haters, don’t think that Cooke went in with intent.

And here’s the first tip for dealing with the play, don’t watch it, and especially don’t watch it in slow motion (notice we’re not posting it here). They don’t play hockey in slow motion, and the slow motion doesn’t show you anything. People so desperately wanted to see Cooke’s focus shift to Karlsson’s leg, or for proof that he was trying to slew foot the guy. He wasn’t, he was searching the boards for the puck THE WHOLE TIME, at least until Karlsson cried out, which is where that horrible AP photograph was captured.

And that goes directly into the second point, if you’re reading a story that is seriously questioning whether this one in a million play is intentional, just stop. Put it down and go do something else. It’s fine to want to check up on the latest with Karlsson, but good writers know how to cover a story without sensationalizing it.

Certainly the conspiracy theorists out there, the one’s who think that the 2005 draft was rigged, or that they loaded the puck with remote controls in the 2009 SCF to make sure the Pens won, will try to agitate you on discussion boards, they’ll say that JUST BECAUSE it was Matt Cooke, the play probably was intentional, or they’ll ask you to consider if the play were on the other side, that Sid or Geno were cut. For the most part, just let it go, chances are they root for a team that will never have success like the Pens do so you should just feel sorry for them. And if they’re super annoying, just remind them of the SoupCan, or Tyler “Healthy Scratch” Myers, or David Steckel. We’ve been down this road.

Finally, don’t listen to Cryin’ Bryan Murray, he’s in his element right now, at the center of attention. We really do feel for the Sens organization, they need healthy stars and currently have none of that, but the defeatist attitude is already sickening. Check it out here [Silver Seven] and here [Sixth Sens].

We wish Erik Karlsson a speedy and effective recovery, we all know the NHL needs stars and few have been as dynamic as Karlsson in the last couple of years. The play was unfortunate but that doesn’t change the fact that the NHL is now without its best defender.

Hopefully this will be a lesson in player safety. It seems that skate cuts have been increasing in the league, probably because the technology to sharpen skates has increased so dramatically, as such the league needs to mandate improved protection. But as it was when


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