How will the Pirates do this year? CONTEST! First Game 2/23


Finally have some time to catch you up on some Pirate’s news!

Can Bucs finally end The Streak? Article by Jon Morosi. Very well written and the players speak out about management. Take a look!

Pirates against division over 2 years

Astros: 23-12                      Will now be in AL

Reds: 17-16

Brewers: 7-23

Cardinals: 15-16

Cubs: 16-16

Astros leaving certainly hurts.

Reds got better with Shin-Soo Choo acquisition. Aroldis Chapman is getting a shot a starting position spot and they have an explosive prospect in Billy Hamilton who has 320 SB in 379 games.

Brewers are without Corey Hart for a couple of months and have not done anything this offseason. Rumors have circulated about Kyle Lohse but that would require them to give up their first round draft choice.

Cardinals have not necessarily lost Lohse yet but Carpenter is injured and might be done. He is due 12.5 million so he is going to milk that out. Cardinals do have the number one farm system in the MLB according to Keith Law(ESPN Insider).

Cubbies improved their starting rotation with the signing of Edwin Jackson and others such as Scott Baker, Scott Feldman, Carlos Villanueva. They are also getting a healthy Matt Garza. Anthony Rizzo and Castro are great players and will have an excellent year. Cubs should be competitive with or without Soriano.

Altogether, can the Pirate’s compete? Certainly! But for how long? Here are my factors for a winning season:

*.500 or better record against the division

**Travis Snider putting up numbers around .260-.275 15HR’s

***Starling Marte improves his BB/K numbers and becomes an efficient leadoff guy

****Fifth SP spot between Karstens, Locke, McPherson, and Jonathan Sanchez

*****Jones and Alvarez return to last years form

What I believe….

*Grilli will do just fine closing games. If things get shaky Melancon is great insurance

**AJ, Wandy, and J-Mac will all have 11+ wins barring injury

***Barmes will have a decent year offensively. Glove will still be there. He is my Paul Martin candidate!

****Martin will throw out more runners than Barajas hahaahahahhahhhahaahhahaah

*****Cole will be up after AS Game

******Liriano will be a bargain especially with the new finalized contract.

**********Prediction 85-77***********


Hurdle was extended to at least the end of 2014. Love the guy but no need to rush extension.

Pirates Spring Baseball

Lots of other Pirate’s news but I’m sure you have seen or heard. I’m interested in your predictions.

We can have a contest depending on how many comment!


5 Comments on “How will the Pirates do this year? CONTEST! First Game 2/23”

  1. Eddie P says:


  2. reggieshouse says:

    82-82. Ultimate tease.

  3. reggieshouse says:

    Oh shit, now I look like a fool, 81-81. I guess I’ll have to contribute to the prize now, make it extra sweet. Tell all your friends…

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