Gameday #17: v. Philadelphia Flyers


PITTSBURGH PENGUINS v. Philadelphia Flyers

Consol Energy Center, 7:30PM, NBC-SN

All day you could just feel the hate in the air. This is a really special game. The Pens are on home ice with a chance to do some serious damage to the Flyers’ playoff chances. Not only that but they have the opportunity to regain control of the whole Eastern Conference.

One thing we’re really bummed about is that Flyers-Pens have become too big. The league won’t let these games not get picked up by NBC. Now for us there’s no doubt that Pens-Flyers is the best rivalry in all professional sports, and as I say, you can feel the hate in the city today, but what would make these games even better is local color in the play by play, by no means do we like Paul Steigerwald, but we would much rather listen to him than Pierre Maguire talk about Claude Giroux’s first girlfriend.

With that said, the Flyers enter tonight’s game 7-9-2, coming off a 7-0 win over the Islanders. Despite that drubbing the Flyers still have a negative goal differential. Most of that has to do with the fact that their second line is Danny Briere and 2 fourth liners. They have no depth scoring. Speaking of Briere, he has some strong words on the way the Flyers have played. Totally forgot about Captain Ginger calling out his team after being captain for a couple hours.

Seth Rorabaugh predicts Vokoun to get the nod. Dejan wrote a piece exactly characterizing something I’ve wanted to write about for a week regarding the Pens’ goaltending situation. It’s expected that Despres will sit and Bortz will play, because games against the Flyers are occasionally violent.

Let the hate flow through you. Go Pens.


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