You May Have Heard the Penguins are “All In,” Now with Jarome Iginla


We don’t need to waste a lot of time on this post, you all know what happened, and if not check Twitter for #WakingUpToIginla. Jarome Iginla is now a Pittsburgh Penguin. Perhaps one of the most heroic players in the league in the last several decades Iggy is just an all around stud addition, and the best part? Still no changes to the NHL roster, the Pens gave up their first round draft pick and two promising, but secondary caliber, prospects.

The best read you can possibly get on the trade comes from the Puck Daddy himself Greg Wyshinski. Read it here. Profound thoughts especially coming from a Devils fan right here:

If Jay Feaster is now The Man That Traded Jarome Iginla, then Ray Shero is The Man That Traded For Jarome Iginla. And Brenden Morrow. And Douglas Murray. And James Neal. And Bill Guerin. And Marian Hossa and Pascal Dupuis. And all of the other additions to the Penguins through the years that earned them annual success, two conference titles and a Stanley Cup.

If Calgary Flames management seems like a rudderless vessel adrift at sea, the combination of Shero, owners Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle seem like an unsinkable battleship. The assemblage of talent on the 2013 Penguins makes them one of the deepest and most star-studded teams in recent memory.

Also Shero’s comments about what Iginla told him after the trade was made are unbelievable.

SHERO: I just talked to him after the fact. That was it. He agreed to waive and come to Pittsburgh. The trade conference call was done with the league. Everything was final. That was it. I talked to him a while ago after it. He said he was excited to come to Pittsburgh. He said he would help anyway he could, didn’t care about role or who he was playing with. He wants to help the team win and be a part of it. It was a big change after 16 years in Calgary so I’m sure it will be quite emotional. We have a month sort through the emotions, find some roles for guys, players accepting of those and playing good hockey. The team on paper doesn’t mean too much. We have to do it on the ice. Chemistry for a hockey team is very important.

Stoked above reason now that I see that kind of comment from Iginla.

The Pens are all in. Shero has literally built a team better than what anyone in the NHL probably thought possible in the salary cap era. Seth Rorabaugh contends that Shero will go down as an all-time great GM IF the Pens win the Stanley Cup, for our money he’s already there. Mere mortals can’t do what he’s done. In Shero we trust.



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