Answering Questions Asked and Unasked – Sidney Crosby and his Broken Jaw

The Pens have made it to 15 wins in a row, but at what cost? Before the game Saturday we learned that Paul Martin would miss 4-6 weeks with a broken hand. After the game Coach Dan confirmed that Paul-Mart had to have surgery to repair his hand, putting to rest any chance that he could come back early from that.

Then of course there was Sidney Crosby getting a full slapper to the chops, and it broke his jaw. Now it seems there is good and bad news with Sid’s condition. The good: the doctors did not need to wire Sid’s jaw shut, it can’t be stressed how important that is. Rather than having to go upwards of a month or more on Ensure, hopefully Sid should be able to maintain a more or less normal diet, that means his muscles won’t turn to jelly. Further, even if Sid isn’t playing, if he can keep his jaw open he can do some skating and workouts, when it’s closed, breathing is nightmarish. The bad: it’s a broken jaw. The Pens refuse to give a timetable for Sid because he could get back to the game in a couple weeks, or it could easily become a couple months, you just don’t know. The Pensblog linked to this article but it is probably the definitive source on sports and jaw injuries, so check it if you can.

Just saying, but how smart does Shero look now that his two best defensemen and the greatest player in the world are hurt? Well according to Randy Carlyle, coach of the amazingly still relevant Toronto Maple Leafs, Shero brought this on himself. Cool dude. We’re pretty sure that’s a bizzaro April Fools joke.


Mike Colligan decided that he needed to set the world back in order, so he wrote this. Just another unreal effort. I really like it when people can actually explain why they stand by a choice and Colligan makes Boyd Gordon sound like the reckoning. We were big on the Pens looking for a PK and faceoff specialist. If they have to go without Sid, adding more to the bottom could be the right call.

After meeting with Sid in the hospital yesterday Ray Shero had two significant nuggets: that he expected Crosby to be ready for the playoffs, and that he thought he had made the moves he was going to make. Our read on what Shero had to say is that he hasn’t even started dealing yet.



Pens are looking for 16 in a matter of hours.


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