Gameday #42: @ Florida Panthers



BB&T Center, 7:30 PM, Root Sports

Amazingly enough the Panthers aren’t eliminated from playoff contention, at least not mathematically. If they can win all of their remaining games and every other non-playoff team and the 8th seeded Rangers lose all of their remaining games, then the Cats are in. There’s less than zero percent chance this happens, but still, Cat fans shouldn’t give up yet.

Its hard not to feel at least a little bad for the Panthers, seldom in the history of professional hockey has a team had to go without so many star players. And by that I mean there are certain teams that deal with this problem every year. And yet they remain relevant every season.

A serious question for the Penguins is at what point should they consider resting some of their players, with 8 games still to go there doesn’t seem to be much incentive to rest them now, but it’s a tough question. The Penguins need to allow their new players to gel and mesh with the existing players, but especially in the case of Iginla and Morrow, it’s been a long time since either played in the post season, and they aren’t the freshest daisies in the garden. Does HCDB give them the last couple games off or not?

The lineup should probably be unchanged although maybe the Pens could be brave and give Simon Despres a chance to play. Fleury will undoubtedly be in the cage.

Good teams beat teams they’re better than. Go Pens.


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