Gameday #47: @ New Jersey Devils




Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey, 7:30 PM, Root Sports

This looked like it was going to be another stupid pointless, meaningless regular season game, but as it turns out there is at least a lot of news. The biggest has to deal with Sidney Crosby, Dave Molinari broke the news earlier today that Sid would seek medical clearance to resume playing. The rationale is that he wouldn’t play again in the regular season but that he could try to make his return when the playoffs start, which seem very likely to be Wednesday May 1. Justin Bourne wrote something about it and it really puts the whole process into a lot of perspective. Obviously you’re going to feel a lot of highs when word comes down that the world’s best player is gearing up to get back into the game at it’s most important part, but I think we do need to temper the excitement and Bourne’s piece is pretty epic in that regard.

Molinari’s piece also informs us on all the other injuries the Pens are dealing with: James Neal and Paul Martin traveled with the team to New Jersey, they skated this morning, but neither will be in the lineup tonight. It seems doubtful that either will play Saturday either, but it definitely sounds like they could be ready when the second season starts. Unfortunately it looks like Brooks Orpik is going to be missing some time as he did not travel with the team, and no statement has been given on what happened to him aside from a “lower-body injury.” Joe Vitale also did not travel with the team as he’s been nursing some sort of injury off and on for a few weeks.

The playoff picture is crystallizing a little bit: technically there are still five teams that could finish in the 8th seed but the odds are good to meet either the Senators or the Rangers. We’ll write a detailed synopsis on this later.

Check out this monster read from Mike Colligan. What a human.

Who knows what’s happening with New Jersey. Go Pens.


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