The Man in the Box


So we promised you more info from Bob on why he had to make that goofy leap and nearly ate it at the end of the first Conference Semis game. Basically it was all refs’ fault. After Douglas Murray left the ice and Chris Neil decided to start picking fights against guys he was less afraid of, and everyone started getting ejected the refs (in this game they were Wes McCauley and Marc Joanette) came over and asked Bob to mark the numbers of the players they were ejecting as the linesmen pushed them off the ice. Unfortunately they skated to the wrong door to not make things embarrassing for Bob. What follows is an artist’s rendering of the penalty box area at Consol.


As we can now see, clearly someone decided to think a little bit during the design process: they did build a door into the thing, but it was on the opposite side and one way or another the refs didn’t pick up on that. So that gives us the scene that unfolded in the last moments of Tuesday’s game, a grown man was forced to, perhaps ungracefully, climb over a short dividing wall, in a suit. Was he about to lose it? “No,” says the man himself.

According to our expert, in older arenas there is no door on either side of the off-ice official’s area. Imagine what that must have been like? I bet guys were falling on their faces all the time. So there you have it. Is this the greatest story ever told? No, but how often do you ever get the inside scoop behind such an event. Also, the best part of sharing this story is this is what they actually use to track penalties at ice level:


This officially licensed NHL document has never been in unauthorized hands


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