Hey Pens Fans…

As I sit here and listen to the DVE Morning Show continue to dissect and berate the Penguins as though the world had ended I want to remind everybody of something…



Last time we checked the NHL Playoffs are all decided on a “Best of 7” basis. Read a different way, the Penguins can play exactly as they did on Sunday, assume different puck luck in half of the remaining games in the series and move onto the Conference finals. By contrast, the Senators could barely beat the Penguins despite giving their very very best possible effort. Can they make that same exact effort in 3 out of the next 4 games, and can they get the same puck luck that they got in Game 3? I have my doubts. And before you start relishing in your own misery, just keep this in mind…



You can only lose a series when you have won fewer games than your opponent.  The Penguins aren’t in that position this round, unlike some other team that everybody said was better than the Penguins in all facets of the game…


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