Is this not a Democracy?

I’ve stated before that I love thePensblog. But this post just really bothers me. I understand what Rick is saying but it is the wrong thing at the wrong time.

He accuses us fans of “calling out” Sidney Crosby. I do not know a single Penguins fan who has “called out” Sidney Crosby. Maybe people calling into The Fan or Mark Madden, who watched their first hockey game of the year last night, now that their one true god, the Steelers are done for the year. Maybe they’ve been calling in to “call out” Sidney Crosby – they likely thought he was a healthy scratch. Even in the article that prompted Rick’s meltdown they established that Mark Madden, for all his blubbering nonsense, did not call out Sidney Crosby for NOT PLAYING HOCKEY. I have no doubt that a bunch of Steelers writers are going to come out of the woodwork within the next couple of days, or weeks, to call out Sidney Crosby. But if Sidney Crosby can’t differentiate between the support of his fans, and the inane musings of guys who can’t even spell Zbynek Michalek, then there was no chance that he would have played another game in Pittsburgh anyway.

If there has been any calling out of Sidney Crosby it is just that we, as fans, are desperate to hear an update on his condition. It has absolutely nothing to do with Sidney Crosby playing hockey, it has absolutely everything to do with knowing that the most loved Pittsburgh sports hero since probably Buries It himself is going to be okay, and that he is currently okay – if not injured. Rick tries to justify it by saying, “Would you be calling out Mario Lemieux when he missed time due to a back injury?” The answer is that we’ll never know, because even from my earliest memories of being a Pens fan, if Mario was out of the line-up it was either because of his herniated disc, or because he was recovering from Lymphoma. How do I know this? Because the organization said so. They held press conferences in which Mario himself talked about his condition, and what it meant for him as a person first and a player second.

This is why we, as fans, are sick of the silence that has permeated the current Sidney Crosby injury conundrum. Its not about seeing Crosby play hockey, its not about going on a 5 game losing streak, its not about some fictitious belief that Pittsburgh athletes live only to serve the people of Pittsburgh. Its about knowing that our favorite star, our golden boy, the most admirable hero in current athletics is okay – or that he will be okay. I truly believe that Pittsburgh sports fans are reasonably intelligent, rational people, if Crosby is injured, we can accept that. We’ve dealt with it already, it isn’t going to be easy, but we will persevere, I think its safe to say that Pittsburghers have dealt with worse than an injury to their favorite athlete.

I appreciate that Rick wants people to leave Sidney Crosby alone, and I agree. If he is injured, or dealing with concussion symptoms, he absolutely has the right to recover from that, and do so in peace. But again, where Rick’s analogy falls down is that, while its true that no one wants to be disturbed if they call in sick from work, there is not an employer in the world who would let an employee stay at home sick for an entire month without demonstrable, medical cause. So why can’t the Penguins organization just tell us? That’s what we really want to know.


With So Much Drama at the CEC

Well I think it goes without saying that these are trying times, not much more than a month ago we as Penguins fans had thought we had finally completed our penance to the hockey gods and that we had been rewarded by the return to the ice of Sidney Crosby, and that we would for the first time see the true glory that was possible from the  nearly unquestionable most talented team in the game. But no, it was all for naught. If anything the situation has just gotten worse. Crosby and Letang, the best player in the game and one of the very best defensemen (and the best on the Pens’s roster) both out indefinitely with concussion issues. Add to that Jordan Staal (supported by many as the de facto leader of the team with Crosby out), out at least a month with a knee injury, James Neal (one of the league’s leading scorers), out for “weeks” with a broken foot, and Craig Adams (one of the teams most experienced veterans), out with a freak practice injury, plus countless nagging injuries for guys like Arron Asham, Dustin Jeffrey, and most of the defensive core and it is nearly impossible to even predict who will be in the lineup on a night to night basis for the Penguins.

So where does that leave us as fans? Well let me speak the bad, which might be fairly self-evident. The fate of this year’s team is intrinsically linked to the fate of Sidney Crosby, if by some chance he can get healthy before season’s end, this is still one of the most talented and experienced teams in the league. If he cannot get healthy, then it is the job of the Penguins organization to tell us as fans, because there is no doubt that without Crosby, there will be no deep playoff run for the Pens. It might sound fatalistic but it is undoubtedly true. Trying to imagine the Pens of this year winning a Stanley Cup without Sidney Crosby would be like trying to imagine the Pens of the early nineties winning their Stanley Cups without Mario Lemieux, it just isn’t conceivable. Even if the Pens announce that Crosby won’t return this season, and place him on long term injured reserve, thus freeing up millions of available cap space, the likelihood of making a Stanley Cup run with a group of rental players just doesn’t seem likely. Its also true that the financial situation of the Penguins organization has never been as complex as it is right now. But that I fear is going to take another post at another time.

There is still much to be learned in the coming weeks, and there’s no reason to get down on this current batch of Penguins. Many people in the media have been critical of the Pens’s poor record against the elite teams in the Eastern Conference but I fear that that is nothing more than an inescapable consequence of playing injured all season, if you don’t have your best players in your lineup against the best competition you are not going to win. There’s no doubt that the NHL has good parity, but when looking at the Eastern Conference especially, that parity exists because almost every team has a couple of elite talents, and if you cannot match those talents, then you aren’t going to win. The Pens are still a good team with a good core of young players that can still make the playoffs even with its current injury woes.

There is a lot to learn about some of the players who remain as well. Of principle interest is the fate of Eric Tangradi, he was recalled earlier today and it has to be believed that this will be his “last chance” to prove that he can become a fixture on the Penguins roster. In many ways the Big Dawg has underwhelmed in his other call-ups over the past couple of seasons. Even I, (an admitted Tangradi fan and apologist) was surprised to learn that in 25 career NHL games he has only recorded 3 points, all of which came last year. I truly believe that Tangradi has never really been given the opportunity to prove what he can do, it seems that although everyone views him as a scoring forward and a top-6 type of player, whenever he is playing in the NHL he gets thrown on to the 4th line where he receives minimum minutes and simply does not receive the support from his forwards to make a difference on the ice. A player like Tangradi needs to play with a playmaking forward who can feed him improbable passes and get him the puck down low in order to make a difference, hopefully amidst all of the other injuries we’ve seen Tangradi can finally show what he is capable of doing at the NHL level.

The same can be said about Dustin Jeffrey, he’s shown signs in the past of being a capable scorer in the NHL and assuming he can come back to the lineup soon, which has been reported that he will, we could learn a lot about his future with the team as well.

As I say, these are dark times indeed, but wallowing in self-pity still isn’t going to help. Trust me its hard to get excited for the Pens amidst this current losing streak (of both games and personnel) but there is still lots of reason to care about the team.