Gameday #1: Pens 3-1 Flyers

Pens 1-0-0 for the season. Not the prettiest win, but it’s two points. Recap by tomorrow.


The Twenty-Goal Scorer?

Matt Cooke has reached 17 goals for the season, this is already 2 more than his career high. He’s three short of the “magic” 20-goal plateau. That means that if he scores one goal every three games for the rest of the season, he will reach it. Yes I understand that he has 5 goals in the 5 games since his new linemate, Sidney Crosby has returned. Yes I understand that it has been beaten to death how well Cooke has changed his game this year. Read the rest of this entry »

Is this not a Democracy?

I’ve stated before that I love thePensblog. But this post just really bothers me. I understand what Rick is saying but it is the wrong thing at the wrong time.

He accuses us fans of “calling out” Sidney Crosby. I do not know a single Penguins fan who has “called out” Sidney Crosby. Maybe people calling into The Fan or Mark Madden, who watched their first hockey game of the year last night, now that their one true god, the Steelers are done for the year. Maybe they’ve been calling in to “call out” Sidney Crosby – they likely thought he was a healthy scratch. Even in the article that prompted Rick’s meltdown they established that Mark Madden, for all his blubbering nonsense, did not call out Sidney Crosby for NOT PLAYING HOCKEY. I have no doubt that a bunch of Steelers writers are going to come out of the woodwork within the next couple of days, or weeks, to call out Sidney Crosby. But if Sidney Crosby can’t differentiate between the support of his fans, and the inane musings of guys who can’t even spell Zbynek Michalek, then there was no chance that he would have played another game in Pittsburgh anyway.

If there has been any calling out of Sidney Crosby it is just that we, as fans, are desperate to hear an update on his condition. It has absolutely nothing to do with Sidney Crosby playing hockey, it has absolutely everything to do with knowing that the most loved Pittsburgh sports hero since probably Buries It himself is going to be okay, and that he is currently okay – if not injured. Rick tries to justify it by saying, “Would you be calling out Mario Lemieux when he missed time due to a back injury?” The answer is that we’ll never know, because even from my earliest memories of being a Pens fan, if Mario was out of the line-up it was either because of his herniated disc, or because he was recovering from Lymphoma. How do I know this? Because the organization said so. They held press conferences in which Mario himself talked about his condition, and what it meant for him as a person first and a player second.

This is why we, as fans, are sick of the silence that has permeated the current Sidney Crosby injury conundrum. Its not about seeing Crosby play hockey, its not about going on a 5 game losing streak, its not about some fictitious belief that Pittsburgh athletes live only to serve the people of Pittsburgh. Its about knowing that our favorite star, our golden boy, the most admirable hero in current athletics is okay – or that he will be okay. I truly believe that Pittsburgh sports fans are reasonably intelligent, rational people, if Crosby is injured, we can accept that. We’ve dealt with it already, it isn’t going to be easy, but we will persevere, I think its safe to say that Pittsburghers have dealt with worse than an injury to their favorite athlete.

I appreciate that Rick wants people to leave Sidney Crosby alone, and I agree. If he is injured, or dealing with concussion symptoms, he absolutely has the right to recover from that, and do so in peace. But again, where Rick’s analogy falls down is that, while its true that no one wants to be disturbed if they call in sick from work, there is not an employer in the world who would let an employee stay at home sick for an entire month without demonstrable, medical cause. So why can’t the Penguins organization just tell us? That’s what we really want to know.