The Pirates Suck, That is All

So baseball is over for another year in Pittsburgh. The Pirates season ended yesterday in a 4-0 loss to the Atlanta Braves. Overall the team went 79-83. For what it’s worth I predicted 75-87 and warned of the potential of a second half meltdown like they experienced last year. I wish I could be as good at predicting hockey stuff as I am at predicting the Pirates. But then again, the Pirates just do everything to make it so easy. The only thing that really ruins Collapse II for me is that I missed out on winning $60 from a poll I did at work on the Pirates’ record by 2 wins (77 and it was mine). Now instead I have to give $5 to one of the managers who already makes plenty of money as it is—not fun when that $5 is more than 1% of your monthly earnings. More bitching after the break… Read the rest of this entry »


Happy Independence Day! Jagr Signs a Horrible Contract! Sully’s Gone. It’s Over!

First things first:

Greatest movie speech of all time? I think yes. But seriously, happy Fourth of July to everyone, go out and celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave.

First things first, that I should have shared last night but didn’t because I didn’t care: Jaromir Jagr will be plying his talents in Dallas next year. Further still, the Stars decided to offer him an obscene $4.5 million for one year. When Double-J first started talking about a return to the NHL and to the Penguins, the Pens felt comfortable offering him $2 mil. It’s not a secret that I ridiculed the Flyers for giving him more than 60% more than that. Now, coming off his worst production in the NHL since his rookie season he gets another $1.2 million raise. Whatever, I guess tensions are high in Dallas given that the team hasn’t been in the playoffs since 2008, and they probably have to convince their promising young talents like Jamie Benn and Loui Eriksson that the team is determined to win and thus stave off the issues that Nashville has been experiencing. Still, apparently Dallas wants to challenge the Devils as to who can pay the most money to the oldest players. Who’s getting Selanne?

Steve Sullivan has moved on to Phoenix. Agent says Pens were dragging there feet. I’ll miss Sully, real class act and there’s no doubt about the impact he had on our Power Play. Good for him though.

Real Talk: Parise and Suter have bother come to terms with the Minnesota Wild. It has been announced by everyone on the Internet that they signed matching 13 year deals for $98 million, good value for Parise, bad value for Suter. Parise is a franchise player, make no doubt about it. Suter was the tag-along to Shea Weber and now he has to be “the guy” especially on a Wild team that has a horrible defense. The only other proven d-man on that team is Tom Gilbert and he came over in a trade from the incredibly horrible (at least defensively) Oilers, food for thought. I’m happy for the Wild and this is a good win for teams who believe in the power of the salary cap. Further, I’m just really glad that both guys signed out west, and not with another Atlantic Division team.

We’ll explore the new alternatives either later today or tomorrow, for now go hockey.

Also, do you realize that the Pirates are 8 games above .500 right now? Go cheer them on they seriously deserve it!

Your 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates

Yes, it’s true, Mike Milbury has provided the internet, especially Penguins bloggers and fans, with an endless wealth of comedic gold. However, I’m going to leave that to the people who are funnier than I.

Instead today, I want to address the pressing question on the lips of every person in Pittsburgh. Can the Pirates produce a winning season this year? Make no doubt about it, the pressure is on, it’s one thing to run the record to nineteen consecutive losing seasons, but can they stop it before it hits 20? Hahahaha. A lot more after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »