Playoff Preview Round #3

Wow time for the Conference Finals already. This postseason is really moving along quickly. If not for the Caps and Rangers we could probably be two or three games into the conference finals. The Western Conference has been set for a week and the Devils have been waiting since Tuesday. We’re getting down to crunch time now, there are only four teams left. One of them will end up winning the Stanley Cup. Who would’ve predicted these teams to be the last one’s standing at the start of the season. Read the rest of this entry »


A Modest Proposal, Part 1

Heyo. So the NHLPA Collective Bargaining agreement is up this off-season. There has been a lot of protest over a lot of different things after the last one was signed – points per win, yay/nay on the shootout, divisions and their relations, etc. So we’re coming before the people to submit, humbly, a new plan that will hopefully address all of these concerns. Check out the first in the series after the jump…

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